Visualizations transform words and data into drawings that speak to the eye, the brain and the heart alike.

Among other things, these drawings help you to

  • clarify and convey visions,
  • generate road maps and target images,
  • vivify scenario planning,
  • sharpen and communicate process management,
  • effectively deliver didatic contents and guidelines,
  • bring into shape business plans and executive summaries,
  • solve intricate problems with the power of visual thinking.


Available formats

Visualizations can be delivered in a wide range of different formats and outputs: as digital images or printed (e.g. as extra large posters, cards or booklets), but also as animations and even as board games.

My visualizations are drawn in studio, preceded by an in-depth briefing or a preparatory graphic recording session.

Also, there’s an option to keep on refining or expanding drawings along the way in order to accompany thinking processes in the making.


Variable (depending i.a. on format, duration and logistics).

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